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Just Say No To Flash

just say no to flash

Ah, Flash. We could probably write an entire book on why you shouldn’t use Flash, but for now let’s just focus on the two top reasons Flash isn’t optimal for today’s web experience. Everyone and their mother are on mobile these days. Your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices don’t support Flash, which means any [...]

One Blog Tool To Rule Them All


An editorial calendar for your blog can be as simple as a putting your blog post topics onto Google Calendar and I did that for awhile, but eventually I started wishing I could see all of my blog posts & social media updates in one place. That’s when I found Coschedule. CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop [...]

How To Find Images For Your Blog Posts


Finding images for blog posts can be a major pain in the booty, especially when you’re unsure about what you can and cannot use while still being respectful and adhering to copyright laws. Using images in your blog posts and social media posts is super important. Images help readers who skim (which we all do [...]

Are You Trying To Marry Your Potential Customers Before The First Date? [Day 29: 30 DBWB]


[This post is an excerpt from the 30 Days To A Better Wedding Business Workbook] Let me ask you this: What path are visitors expected to take when they land on your site? Most people haven’t thought about this but it can be the difference between someone getting in contact with you or just leaving your [...]

12 Awesome WordPress Plugins To Maximize Your Site [Day 26: 30 DBWB]

hello bar

[This post is an excerpt from the 30 Days To A Better Wedding Business Workbook] Today I’m going to give you the run down on 12 amazing WordPress plugins that just make maximizing your site so much easier. Only self-hosted WordPress sites can use plugins (that means they are on your site address, not but [...]

Contest: Win a Copy of SEO Cookbook


Update: The lucky winner of the SEO Cookbook giveaway is Autra of Eclectic Weddings! If you didn’t win, no worries! You can still get a copy of SEO Cookbook and start getting more leads from Google by clicking here. I’m sure you know that a high search rank can help you to … Get more [...]

4 Small Website Tweaks That Make A Big Difference [Day 7: 30 DBWB]

Hubspot CTA

[This post is an excerpt from the 30 Days To A Better Wedding Business Workbook] It’s surprising how powerful small tweaks can be. These 4 tweaks don’t take long to implement but they make a big difference in your business. 1. Change “brides” to something more gender neutral unless you only deal with brides According to [...]

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