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Amelia Washington

“Before I joined The Wedding Business Collective, I was having such a hard time booking clients. I just could not understand why I was not getting the clients that I wanted/needed. I took all the proper steps to create the business, and now I was failing without even starting. I felt aggravated, mad, sad, and most of all depressed.

When Heidi reviewed my website, it took her all of 5 minutes to pinpoint the problem. I sounded too stuffy and corporate on my website, and I wasn’t connecting with my ideal client.

Heidi gave me plenty of pointers and suggestions that I implemented by December 27th (that date was a personal business goal). On January 1st, I got my first inquiry, but I was too excited and also nervous, so I totally blew it. However, I was not discouraged because now I knew that my client was out there and soon they would be looking for me. And I was absolutely right!

Today makes exactly two months since I made the changes that Heidi suggested and I have booked four clients that have paid their retainer. I am waiting on another two tentative clients to pay their retainer and I have a proposal to send off!

If you are thinking of joining The Wedding Business Collective, I strongly urge you to do so. I actually came across The Wedding Business Collective in May or June 2016. I thought about it, but I did not join until December. Imagine where I could have been more than six months ago if I had joined when I originally saw The Wedding Business Collective! It’s a good thing I eventually joined; it has been a tremendous blessing to my business! THANK YOU, HEIDI!!”

Amelia Washington

Wedding Planner, Amelia's Events

“Since implementing Heidi’s advice, views of my online shop have improved dramatically since this time last year, and I’ve been able to get a guest blog post published on Under the Vintage Veil.

Heidi doesn’t do miracle cure-all solutions, but instead gives sensible advice for both short-term practical improvements and long-term business strategies.”

Beth Paton

Milliner & Designer, Madame B’s Boutique

Beth Paton

“Before I joined The Wedding Business Collective, I wasn’t getting bookings because I wasn’t confident in my workflow, my prices, or myself as an artist. I had problems knowing how to sell myself, justify my prices, and how to actually make money. I was overworked, underpaid, and slowly burning out on my passion.

The Wedding Business Collective has helped me to have a better grasp on my prices and to feel more confident in them. It has also helped me to know what to do at a bridal fair to get leads.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to give it the time it needed to see results in my business and not have it be a waste of money. I haven’t had a lot of time to learn but the learning I have been able to do has paid off for me and my business and that’s why I stay.

When I first joined The Wedding Business Collective I had booked 2 or 3 weddings, and since then, I’ve booked 12!

Liz Courtney

Wedding Photographer, Liz Courtney Photography

“Heidi is always looking for ways to address big and real struggles that wedding professionals have as business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve already recommended Heidi to my peers who need to revamp their website, start blogging, and acquire more marketing skills to take their business to a new level.

Thanks to Heidi’s advice, I have been able to find new ways of engaging with potential clients, which I have been able to implement whilst answering inquiries or speaking with potential clients at fairs/shows. I have also been able to look at my goals and where I want to be in the future, both short term and long term, and see ways of being able to reach those objectives in a more proactive way rather than wishful thinking.

Heidi breaks down things very easily with examples that are simple to follow. I am personally grateful for everything I have learned and implemented. My website looks much better and I am reaching my ideal clients. They are also willing to pay what I am worth!”

Esme Krahn

Wedding Planner, Bodamaestra

Esme Krahn Bodamaestra Wedding Planning


“I was struggling with getting my name out there and finding clients when I met Heidi. I was having problems pushing myself a bit more in certain directions, like trying new things with my photography and to step back and look at my business and see how I can improve that.
Thanks to Heidi’s advice, I have been able to find new ways of engaging with potential clients, which I have been able to implement whilst answering inquiries or speaking with potential clients at fairs/shows. I have also been able to look at my goals and where I want to be in the future, both short term and long term, and see ways of being able to reach those objectives in a more proactive way rather than wishful thinking.

My bookings for this year have doubled compared to last year which has been amazing considering that I wasn’t even able to market as much as I would have liked because I was on maternity leave. I also have more focus and aim for my business with the ideas of rebranding at the end of this year.

I would recommend Heidi to anyone that feels a little bit stuck or unsure as to what to do to get to the next level in their business. This has been such a great way for me to be able to focus and give my business the kick start it needed once I came off maternity leave.

Heidi listens to what people need and want and she helps them in a variety of ways, even through her free posts and webinars. She is able to offer advice and information that can make such a difference in your business. You’re just fab Heidi! Thank you for your help.”

Clare Tam-Im

Wedding Photographer, Clare Tam-Im Photography

“Being in the wedding industry I get so tired of companies contacting me asking me to go on this database that database, claiming that they can do this and that for you and help your business will grow, HOWEVER, the first thing that struck me was that Heidi is actually a REAL person, no fancy gimmicks, NO false promises of a huge database of clients. I first found Heidi through one of my acquaintances I met at a recent wedding fair and she has been SO helpful!

When I found I had hit a few stumbling blocks, Heidi was there every time. When I emailed her she would email straight back. Her advice was absolutely brilliant – and she made me look at my client base in a different manner. I did what she said and presto I had 5 inquiries within a week!!!!

I had to email and Heidi to tell her and she emailed me back with EVEN MORE advice. As a result, I’ve even changed my way I write emails to clients! I would DEFINITELY recommend her services to my suppliers, my friends in the wedding industry and any future acquaintances who are struggling in the wedding industry.

What you have to know about Heidi is like I said she is a REAL person, is very approachable and has some terrific ideas about business. It is so comforting knowing someone like Heidi is just an email away if you hit a stumbling block.”

Michelle Greyeyes

Makeup Artist, Grayeyes Makeup


sabrina cadini

“Heidi has created a wonderful community of serious business owners in the wedding industry. Her knowledge and experience in the wedding industry allow you to easily identify the weaknesses and challenges of her clients and she can get them on the right track.

Work with Heidi if you need to boost your wedding business, she will provide a solution to your problems.”

Sabrina Cadini

Wedding Planner, La Dolce Idea

“Let me introduce you to Heidi, she’s really annoying to people that are comfortable with the status quo and don’t want to change the world.

Heidi is authentically speaking into a space that no one else is. The conversations she’s having are important and are shaping not just the weddings of today, but the marriages of tomorrow. By encouraging the wedding industry of today to provide services and products that matter, weddings today are celebrating marriage, not just wedding tradition, and as a result, Heidi is affecting change worldwide by leading the industry to a better place where wedding business owners are running profitable and sustainable businesses, and those business’ clients are having better weddings.

Heidi talks a lot. Seriously though, Heidi asks a lot of questions, so if you don’t like critical thinkers or conversations in general, you should probably steer well clear of Heidi. However, if you like people, you’ll like Heidi :)”

Josh Withers

Wedding Officiant, Married By Josh

josh withers

annette stepanian

“As a self-proclaimed marketing geek, Heidi’s knowledge goes far beyond the wedding and events industry. Equipped with an understanding of the various moving parts related to running a business, Heidi brings to the table an intelligent and comprehensive approach to addressing business challenges. And she does it all with great wit and a sense of humor.”

Annette Stepanian

Attorney for Creatives, Annette Stepanian Esq.

“Just like every bride needs her Maid of Honor to lean on as she plans her wedding and every wedding professional needs Heidi to lean on as they build their business!

Heidi’s keen connection between the ups and downs of being a wedding industry pro and the training and tools you truly need to grow your business makes for a winning combination. If you’re headed into another wedding season feeling like you’re drowning, I highly suggest you work with Heidi to keep your head above water, stat!”

Val Geisler

Conversion Strategist, Val Geisler

val geisler

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