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The Money Is In The Follow Up

do you have a follow up strategy?

What happens after someone who is interested in working with you gets in touch? Is that where it stops or do you have a follow up strategy? There a lot of myths in the wedding industry about following up and I think that’s because most people don’t know that 80% of leads convert to customers […]

Thank You

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It’s nearly Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays – woohoo! You can take the girl out of America but there is no way in hell you’re taking the pumpkin pie and turkey away from the girl. For those of you unfamiliar with Thanksgiving, it is about good food, family and football but it’s also about […]

What Is Your Why?

manifesto for those who want more freedom

After reading Start With Why and watching Simon Sinek’s amazing TED talk, I started putting some serious thought into why I do what I do. Simon talks about how we all have a “why” behind what we do. He powerfully proves that people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. He […]

How To Set Up Systems In Your Wedding Business

systems infographic

Yesterday I hosted a webinar all about setting up systems in your wedding business so that you can stop feeling so damn overwhelmed. If you missed that webinar, you can get your hands on the replay here. I’ve created an infographic for you that walks you through the steps to creating a system and gives […]

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