Why Your Wedding Business Needs A Better Follow Up Strategy

  1. Fiona Campbell says:

    As usual, bang on the money! This is something I have gradually been learning, and now you have clarified it for me. Thank you Heidi!

  2. Laura Babb says:

    Good advice. I need to put this into practice.

  3. Nova - Nu Bride says:

    This is brilliant Heidi! I’m off to check those CRM sites. And you’re right, as a busy couple planning a wedding, it can be very easy to forget chasing some businesses and follow ups at times were a blessing and well received. However “if” (and a big if), the tone in the email is friendly and if I’d made the initial contact

  4. Clarissa Edmondson-Bridges says:

    This POST is awesome! Right on time! Especially for those of us that are planning to host Bridal Events: such as Bridal Shows, Bridal Happy Hours, or Launch Party; and more. I hear alot of negative feedback from Wedding Planners that do Bridal Shows in regards to to “Following up” or gaining leads from the show. Thank you again Heidi Thompson for posting very appreciated info! I am also going to head over and check out the CRM sites you recommended. I love learning new ways to help bridge the communication gap between me and my prospective client!

    The Sweetest Thing Events

  5. Kristin says:

    this is spot on. I keep an inquiry log of every person who contacts me and wants information about hosting their event at one of our banquet facilities. Every time I contact them or they contact me I put it in the inquiry log. This way my manager can look at it and know I’m reaching out to prospective clients on a regular basis and it’s a great reminder to me when I look at it to see who has replied and who has not. I continue to touch base with those who have not responded and quite often, after the 7th or 8th time of hearing nothing, they finally do respond! Sometimes they are finally ready to start the planning and sometimes they let me know they’ve already found another venue. So I will ask them where they are going and what swayed their decision and several have responded that our prices were too high. So I’ll ask for the opportunity to match what the other venue is offering and sometimes I win it and sometimes I don’t, but the bottom line is one contact is not going to guarantee a booked party – you have to reach out SEVERAL times. Tenacity not complacency fills your empty dates.

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