Whether you’re a planner, photographer, venue, DJ, officiant, florist, or even a live wedding painter - if you’re feeling run down or worn out by your wedding work, it’s time to evolve. 

Build a 6+ figure wedding business ‒ without working all the damn time. 

Smarter Wedding Business Marketing 

Ditch your under-developed, chaotic business strategy – and embrace your boss-energy CEO status with a time-saving marketing + business plan that actually works. 













Evolve your wedding

Call it anti-hustle. Anti-starving artist. Anti-“work your life away.” But there’s a smarter way of doing things. I call it pro-efficiency, pro-easy. Because there is always an easier way. 

You don’t have to be burnt out and working 24/7 to build a 6-figure empire. Thriving in your career can mean working LESS ‒ as long as you have the right strategy in place. 

And that's unacceptable AF.

Some of the most creative and talented people out there are making far too little money.


But I’m rolling up in your life, windows down and bass turned up, with some great news: there’s an easier way. 

And that rebellious streak has remained a constant in my life. I love being the one to show up and say "Yeah, no, there's a much easier way to do that. Let's make it easy."

And I know that - since you’re here - you’ve probably tried your fair share of "pull yourself up by your bootstrap" methods and been disappointed by nearly all of them. 

Call me a problem child (my 5th-grade teacher did) but I was born with an innate urge to disrupt pesky pre-conceived notions and stale ideas. 

Kay Northrup Events, Wedding Planner

Kay Northrup

“I have never had my shit this together! I’ve been checking things off of my list quicker than I ever would have hoped.”

In my work, I’ve been lucky enough to help thousands of crazy-talented wedding professionals grow their businesses, attract their ideal clients, book more weddings, take more time off than they thought possible, and live the life they want to live. don't pretend to be better than anyone else. 

In 2012, I founded Evolve Your Wedding Business to guide wedding pros of all kinds through a step-by-step process that makes their marketing strategy a straight-up easy experience.

Some people call me an OG of wedding business marketing, but deep down I'm just another person wearing PJ bottoms on Zoom. I swear a lot, I share my struggles, and I don't pretend to be better than anyone else. 

– a marketing and business nerd who fell in love with the wedding industry.

Hi, I’m Heidi
Mountainside Bride & Mountainside Media


“Heidi is the Marie Forleo of the wedding world. She’s real. She’s smart. And she wants to make this industry a better and stronger place to do business.”

You can think of me as that tough-love best friend who pushes you and holds you accountable - all because I truly want to see you reach your goals.

I'm here to help you build the business YOU want. If you need a wedding business strategist who is going to give it to you straight and uncomplicate the mess of marketing and business advice coming at you, I’m your woman.

This is NOT the place for fluffy, feel-good nonsense. 

Give it to me straight.

quick wins that you can squeeze in while on-the-go

quick tools to look for when you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed

a private, supportive community, where success is not a race or a competition - but a joint cause for celebration 

a group coaching experience with mastermind calls for accountability

tons of easy-to-navigate courses for mastering marketing, SEO, and some pretty cool tricks

the 6-Figure Wedding Business Roadmap + trainings to walk you through each of the steps

It’s time to level up your marketing and build a better business. 

Inside The Wedding Business Collective, you‘ll gain exclusive access to resources, templates, education, support, and more - all without any complicated marketing gobbledygook.

Go from overwhelmed and overworked to confident, badass CEO – one well-laid step at a time. 

The Wedding Business Collective

All Faiths Wedding Officiants, Wedding Officiant (Retired)


Going into next year we are way ahead of where we were for this year at this time. We'll go over last year's income with fewer couples and only need to work 25-30 hours per week at most. I've gotten my client work time down to 25 hours per week and I spent 5 hours working on the business each week. My systems do the heavy lifting!”

“I'm not overwhelmed by marketing anymore!"

Full of action steps and real-life inspiration, Clone Your Best Clients will become one of the most turned-to tools in your marketing arsenal.

What if you could clone your best clients and work with them over and over again? In this book, author Heidi Thompson provides an exact step-by-step process to investigate, collect, measure, and implement the information you need to align your brand with your favorite kind of clients. 

Clone Your Best Clients

Heidi Thompson, founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business, is the go-to marketing expert for wedding professionals of all kinds, providing coaching and resources for building a 6-figure business without working all the time.