What’s The Point Of Email Marketing?

  1. OKC Wedding Officiants says:

    In addition to content you need to have an automated emaiiling system. Eventtemple allows you to create templates and a timeline to automatically schedule email, keepting in contact resulting in relationship and sales. http://www.Eventtemple.com or contact Bob Graham at bob@eventtemple.com for a trial of their program.

  2. Email is also a great place to start managing expectations and allow subscribers to vet themselves. One of the biggest complaints I get from my clients is the number of price shoppers they attract. Rather than burning up your time emailing or meeting with price shoppers, you can include this info in your auto-responder and have them self-select out if they aren’t a fit. You can even nurture the lead for a while before hitting them with prices so they experience the value of your services.

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