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Meet Heidi Thompson

I’m the wedding business consultant on a mission to help wedding pros like you grow your business without losing the parts of yourself outside of “business owner.”

Your wedding business should give you the freedom to do what you love both inside and outside of your business. 

I mean, actual freedom. Sure, there’s a lot of perceived freedom. You think you’ll finally be able to spend your time the way YOU want. You’ll do the work you want to do.  

But far too many wedding business owners never unlock that freedom and end up working their life away (oftentimes without pay). If you’re working harder in your business than you did in your 9-5, are you really experiencing freedom?

Are you experiencing freedom by being your own boss yet?

I'm a marketing and business nerd that fell in love with the wedding industry and now as a wedding business consultant and coach, I help wedding business owners build a time-saving marketing strategy that works for them.

Yes, you're going to book more weddings and grow your business but when I'm your wedding business marketing coach, you're also going to do it in 40 hours per week or less so you can have a life outside of your business.

You can think of me as your tough love business bestie who will call you out on your B.S. and give it to you straight all because I truly want the best for you.

Since 2012, I’ve been the wedding business coach that helps wedding pros of all kinds build successful wedding businesses that don’t consume their lives whole. 

Hi, I'm Heidi, wedding business coach & marketing nerd

Building a successful business is a process of evolution. You either adapt and evolve (and succeed in the process) or you go extinct. Don’t go extinct.


And if I can market poop, I can certainly help you market your crazy-talented work. (How’s that for an unexpected segue?)

Contrary to what is often expected, I didn’t get into this business by starting out as a wedding pro myself (although I did work as a planner for a time). Instead, my experience is rooted in a love for marketing and strategy that began far outside the wedding industry. 

After college, I spent a few years working for non-profit events, where I realized I loved the marketing and psychology behind getting people to attend a fundraising event. It was the marketing that fired me up. 

Since then, I’ve marketed a LOT of different things – including social media software, flags, Cambridge University ESOL programs, and even poop. Yup, actual human poop. I headed up the marketing for a company that specialized in fecal transplants. Weird? Yes, but I count being able to sell poop as a testament to the power of good marketing.

The Winding Path That Led Me To Becoming A Wedding Business Coach & Consultant

But let’s hit the rewind button for a minute…
La Dolce Idea, Wedding Planner

Sabrina Cadini

“Heidi has created a wonderful community of serious business owners in the wedding industry. Her knowledge and experience in the wedding industry allow you to easily identify the weaknesses and challenges of her clients and she can get them on the right track. Work with Heidi if you need to boost your wedding business, she will provide a solution to your problems.”

As a wedding business coach and consultant, I spend my days helping talented wedding professionals like you grow their businesses without going crazy in the process. 

I love being able to help others thrive in their businesses. Seeing these talented people take what I've taught them and run with it is my absolute favorite thing.

I’m here to help you get the strategy and tools you need to pay yourself more, book more weddings, and grow your team. So you can do what you love in your career, but also have time to do what you love OUTSIDE of your career.

I decided to marry my years of marketing experience with my passion for helping wedding professionals –and Evolve Your Wedding Business was born.

I realized that not everyone is as into this stuff as me. (Duh, Heidi)

In 2011, I launched a niche wedding fair in England that brought together quirky, alternative couples with the amazing vendors that were the perfect fit for them. It was a resounding success . . . except I found I was spending a huge chunk of my time teaching those vendors how to make a solid return on their investment.

Because I saw that some of the most creative and talented people I've ever known were hardly making enough money. And that was unacceptable to me.

Why Be A Marketing Coach In The Wedding Industry?

So if you want to book more weddings and have freedom & flexibility in your wedding business - I'm the wedding business coach for you!

It's not about doing more marketing. It's not about being everywhere and posting on every platform every day.

It's about having an easy-to-implement marketing strategy tailored to your specific ideal client that easily attracts and books your favorite clients.

The  wedding professionals I work with wind up working fewer hours because their marketing works like a well-oiled machine.

You don't need the next hottest social media app or a tips on what to post - you need a wedding business coach & marketing consultant that can help you build a marketing strategy that works for you and your  unique wedding business.

Here's the truth...

Let’s find the easy way to build what you want in your wedding business…the way you want it.

crafting a gateway to ease and success 

burning weird social norms to the ground

upending ingrained ideas we have about the way things have to be done

taking a critical look at “the way we’ve always done it” 

asking ‘why?’ 

What I Love Most Of All

I’m here to help you pave an avenue that illuminates the things YOU want in your business, so you can ditch the things YOU don’t want.

This direct approach ensures you get to where you need to be faster, easier, and with more clarity than ever before, so you can start booking more weddings and getting your time back sooner.  

Unlike other wedding business coaches and industry leaders, I’m not trying to put a circle peg in a square hole. My process is all about what YOU want.

As your wedding business coach, we’ll get straight down to the brass tacks of your business.

David Paige Music, Band/Musician

David Paige

“I honestly feel like I’m on this incredible path where I can make a HUGE impact for couples, and I feel like I couldn’t have gotten here this quickly without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

It’s time to work with a wedding business coach that helps you get clarity about your business - the kind of clarity that disregards what everyone else is doing - and find a simpler way.