...and craft a wedding business that gives you the income, life, and freedom that you want.

Imagine finally having a simple roadmap to book more ideal clients...

You’ve asked yourself more than once:
“WTF am I doing wrong?!”

You sacrifice sleep and feel like you’re constantly working. (But despite how hard you’re working, you’d rather not discuss finances.) 

You’ve signed up for the Instagram scheduler that’s guaranteed to make your life easier. (If you can ever find the time to figure out how to use it.) 

You’ve bought the shiny new planner that promised to solve all your organizational problems. (It’s around here…somewhere.) 

So you’ve fallen hard for the hustle. 

Whether it’s creating elaborate floral designs, capturing just the right photo, or creating a custom event that suits a couple's love story, you’re passionate about your craft. 

And if you were paid based on your creativity alone you’d be rolling around in a Scrooge McDuckian vault by now. But we all know that’s not how it works. 

Are you tired of running yourself ragged and selling yourself short yet?


You’re in the right place. It’s time for a change. 

“Differentiators? I can’t pin down my brand’s identity enough to figure out where it fits in. The market is so saturated that I’m not even sure I offer anything different. It probably doesn’t help that I’m all over the place. I’m an idea person, so I’m kinda-sorta-definitely prone to Shiny Object Syndrome. I want to be able to clearly articulate our benefits, but I feel like those points keep changing. I tend to flit about and I need to FOCUS.”


“Yeah, I have no problem booking clients. I have a problem with booking too many clients. I’m afraid of saying “no” and I end up with too much on my plate. I love what I do, but I still want to have more of a life outside of work, too. I think I need to raise my rates so I can make enough money to say no when I want to… but I’m scared of chasing my clients away. It would be great to work less and be able to travel more. I’m better at what I do when I am rested and re-energized.”


“Ugh. I need to know why no one books with me! I’ve tried wedding shows, The Knot, and showing up on Instagram, but business is sporadic, at best. I need to get more people in the proverbial door if this is going to become a serious business, and not just a side hustle. But I can’t figure out how to get my name out there, and I don't have enough testimonials to build trust even when my name is out there.”


“Whew. I know I need to better organize my workflow. I’m still doing everything manually and in real-time. I know I could be way more effective if you could just get some good systems in place, but I’m not even sure where to start. Trying to figure it out just wastes more of my time - and I don’t have any to waste!”


How are you feeling right now - business-wise?

You’re darn good at what you do. You love doing it. But you don't love the business and marketing side of things. And that’s completely normal. 


You, as the thriving CEO with a scalable business plan and a career that gives you the flexibility to do what you love– including outside of work.

It’s time to introduce a new narrative: 

They come to me embodying the character trope of the 'overworked self-employed professional.’ They work 60+ hour weeks. They sacrifice sleep (and money.) They don’t remember the last time they took a real break. But that ish isn’t sustainable. At all.  

Listen. I've worked with tons of tired and frazzled wedding professionals who have whole-heartedly embraced the hustle… 

The key to booking more weddings and growing your business isn’t “work harder” – no matter what the loudest voices in hustle culture have told you. 

Seem impossible to get all these things? 
Not anymore – with The Wedding Business Collective. 

a guide who can help you set goals, gain confidence, and deal with the nitty-gritty in a way that makes sense.

a sales process that is genuine, simple, and easy – so you no longer feel like a used car salesman

systems that streamline and simplify your business processes

a marketing plan that is well thought out and encompasses what you need to do to attract and book your ideal clients. 

a step by step formula that doesn’t just tell you WHAT to do - but truly shows you HOW to do it

No more overwhelm. No more showing up on IG every single day. No more hustling non-stop.⁣⁣⁣

Imagine if you could grow your wedding business to 6 figures and beyond without working 80-hour weeks.

All it takes is...

the step-by-step guide you need to help you become a client magnet and double your business and beyond

A Blueprint


a private, supportive community of creative wedding professionals, all with a shared goal of building a business that gives them the freedom to live a life they love



unlimited access to the most up-to-date and proven business & marketing courses, designed specifically for wedding business owners



access to your wedding business coach & sidekick, Heidi Thompson, 7 days/week (seriously, you can ask Heidi your most pressing questions in our exclusive FB group)



Inside The Collective, we cover everything from making sure your marketing is helping you attract and book your ideal clients to building a team so you can work fewer hours.

Your membership will include…

for wedding professionals who want a simple roadmap to book more ideal clients and craft a business that gives you the income, life, and freedom you want.

The Wedding Business Collective


You'll gain access to our full library of resources and start going through my 6 Figure Wedding Business Roadmap which walks you step by step through everything you need to do to book more of your ideal clients, reclaim your time, and scale your business like the CEO that you are.⁣

⁣Right away…

You'll create your Overwhelm-Squashing Marketing Plan to make your marketing straightforward, get feedback and answers to your questions in a monthly mastermind call, and get work done on a virtual coworking day. 

In the first 30 days…

You'll execute your plan and you'll start to see results. Most of our members ⁣⁣get these results by working on their business for as little as 2-4 hours per week.

Over the next 2-3 months…

Want to know what happens after you join?

After working with thousands of kickass wedding professionals like you, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work. What matters and what’s a waste of time. 

While running The Alternative Wedding Fair in London, I saw incredibly talented and creative wedding professionals making nowhere near as much money as they deserved. Unfortunately, for most wedding professionals, their level of income does reflect their level of expertise, talent, and passion.

 That’s what I’m working to change.

You can consider me your wedding business coach, marketing strategist, and expert sidekick all rolled into one, but I’m rolling up in your life, windows down and bass turned up, with some great news: there’s an easier way. 

Hi, I’m Heidi, and since 2012, I’ve helped wedding pros of all kinds build successful wedding businesses that don’t consume their lives whole.


a huge library of actionable courses worth over $5,000 (that's always growing to address the needs of the members)

VIP Access: Ongoing Training

bite-sized training, tips, and tactics that you can implement for getting results in your business in a super short amount of time.

Quick Wins

a hand-picked partner who does something similar to what you do and is in a similar stage of business, so you can share ideas, support one another, and make sure you both stay on track.

Accountability Partner Program

sessions where the creators of the best time-saving tools in our industry show you exactly what the tool can do for you, explain who it's best for, and offer members-only exclusive discounts you won’t want to miss.

Tools Of The Trade Sessions

a private community of like-minded wedding professionals who all have the same goal: To grow their businesses while creating more freedom for themselves. 

Private Members-Only Community

reviews of members’ websites (upon request) with suggested changes and tweaks everyone can learn from. One member implemented the changes and saw an almost immediate increase in her traffic & sales.

Monthly Member Makeovers

the complete process of reviewing your last quarter, setting your goals for the next one (so you’ll actually achieve them), planning for the life you want, making your 90-day plan, and adopting the right habits for success.

Quarterly Planning Sessions

your chance to talk through struggles you're facing, ask questions, and get live answers from me and your fellow members.

Live Monthly Mastermind Calls

a virtual coworking day for getting shit done - you get to collaborate, get feedback, stay accountable, and work with the other members of The Wedding Business Collective. ⁣⁣⁣

Monthly “Get-It-Done” Days 

a step-by-step guide through the 3 parts of the roadmap - succinctly spelled out - so you always have a clear focus of what you should be working on next.

The 6 Figure Wedding Business Roadmap

Membership Overview

The Wedding Business Collective

You’re looking for tools to help you with marketing and SEO, as well as helpful tricks to make your business more appealing to your ideal client.

You thrive with the refreshing helpfulness of a community, where success is not a race or a competition. 

You’re looking for straightforward courses that will walk you through every step of this crazy business journey.

You want to level up your marketing and build a better business with resources for templates, education, and support.

The Wedding Business Collective is perfect for you if:

Kay Northrup Events, Wedding Planner

Kay Northrup

“As soon as I started implementing the strategies that I learned through The Wedding Business Collective, I booked my entire season two years in advance with my ideal clients that I'm excited to work with!

I wasn't trying to use someone else's template or fit the mold. I think that's the cool thing about what Heidi teaches you is it's not a one size fits all template that she gives. She teaches you how to find what your special sauce is and how to actually apply that to get the clients that you want.”

Rev. Mercy Ceremonies, Interspiritual Minister & Officiant

Mercedes Ibarra

“I've never sat down to analyze what I've done. It's always been flying by the seat of my pants, and the planning sessions in The Wedding Business Collective have been transformative.
The questions Heidi asked really made me acknowledge how much I've done, and given me clarity on what needs to be prioritized, what can wait, and what I can let go of entirely.”

CharmCat Creative, Wedding Stationer & Watercolor Artist

Ashleigh Pritchard

“Since working with Heidi in The Wedding Business Collective, I’ve launched my new line, taken on more clients with bigger budgets, and nearly *tripled* my revenue – all in one year!
A lot of educators focus on only one aspect of business, but in The Wedding Business Collective, Heidi has put together courses that cover everything from online marketing to client relationships to hiring a team all in one place and in a consistent format. And there are guest educators who focus on their own niche, like copywriting or SEO.”

Magical Vows, Wedding Planner

Costanza Bonelli

“The Plan Your Work system is very good at preventing me from going into burnout.

This system helped me get my priorities in order and have more days that are more productive, but also more enjoyable. I've been way busier than this time last year, but I'm not at burnout risk because it helps with constructing boundaries as well!”

Our members are equipped to step into the role of CEO, get the help they need, and build a business that supports the life they want to live.

Take it from them. 

But you don’t have to take it from me...

These are just some of the benefits members of The Wedding Business Collective have experienced. 

work with couples that appreciate all the time and care you put into what you do

build legacy-type wealth for your children

craft multiple revenue streams for stress-free income

be so in demand that you actually have a waitlist

book weddings with people you love and who aren’t priceshoppers

expand to a full team under you

become the go-to person in your area

turn your side hustle into your full-time career

book larger budget weddings

turn your conversations into sales

attract more eyeballs to your website

boost your bottom line

operate like a pro

How would your life change if you could…

Modern Cottage Bridal, Bridal Designer

Brittanie Cline

“I just wanted to let you know that I increased business by 115% with the help of The Wedding Business Collective strategies!”

Bloom Poet, Floral Designer

Carolyn Kulb

"When I checked my metrics, I had a 100% booking rate - wild! I'm so excited to be aligning everything with the type of work I want to be doing."

Your business is unique, so your path to success will be, too.

You don't have to build your business the way someone else has. In fact, you really, really shouldn’t. That’s why everything in The Wedding Business Collective is customizable to your passion, your goals, what you need, and where you live. 

If you want to be location independent, it’s time to structure your business to support that. If you don't want to have to show up on the wedding day any longer, let’s make it happen. 

I’m here to help illuminate the things you love in your business and the clients you want to work with, regardless of what anyone else is doing. 

This is not “one size fits all.” And it’s not some oversimplified formula. We don’t do dogmas or "must-dos" in these parts.  

Let’s get one thing straight…

Kay Northrup Events, Wedding Planner

Kay Northrup

“What I like most about The Wedding Business Collective is it allows you to be as involved as you need.

We're all super busy, especially wedding pros during the busy season. The meeting times, the Slack channel, and the Facebook group are there if you need them. Heidi is there if you need her. It's not a rigid 3-6 month intensive where you do this and then you're done. I've gone through Heidi's Overwhelm Squashing Marketing Plan & The 6 Figure Wedding Business Roadmap & I'm still here because I see the value in having Heidi on tap to ask questions & getting support from the community.”

Interestingly, the number of years someone has been in business has no bearing on the success they experience in The Wedding Business Collective. 

Whether you’ve survived for decades in the industry with hot mess marketing. (i.e. relying on word of mouth alone) or you’ve only thought about launching a wedding business, it’s possible to build a business that supports the life you want. 

Or maybe you want to shortcut the learning curve and all the frustration that goes along with it. (You, little smarty pants, you.)

Elegant Insight Events, Wedding & Event Planner

Rachel Curtis

“I am so grateful for being able to get the help I needed to start at square one and get expert advice without years of trial and error. Your process in The Wedding Business Collective works.”

With the 6-Figure Wedding Business Roadmap, you’ll know exactly what you should be focused on (and what can wait) each step of the way.

If you’re doing *all the things* and you still find yourself muttering, “I don’t understand why this isn’t working”...you probably need a blueprint.

You’re struggling because you’re using all the right tools —blogging, updating your website, posting on social media, attending wedding shows, etc — but you’re lacking a blueprint to guide you. The blueprint is your strategic plan and it’s a MUST for any business. 

a step-by-step guide through everything that you need to do to grow your business to 6 figures, but without working all the time.

The 6-Figure Wedding Business Roadmap

I’ve added every training I’ve ever created for wedding professionals in The Wedding Business Collective. Every. Single. One. Each training is associated with a step on our 6-Figure Wedding Business Roadmap, so you always know which ones to complete and when.

the go-to place for the crème de la crème of marketing & business courses

$5,000+ Of Marketing & Business Trainings


Learn exactly how to create a marketing plan that squashes overwhelm and makes marketing your business a whole lot easier AND more effective. You’ll be taken step-by-step through putting your marketing plan together and you’ll learn how to use it to stay focused and achieve your goals.

Create Your Overwhelm-Squashing Marketing Plan

Blogging & Repurposing Content Made Simple

In this course, you’ll learn how to create blog posts that attract your ideal client even if you hate writing or think you’re a bad writer. You’ll learn how to take those blog posts and repurpose them into a never-ending supply of content for social media so you never have to start from scratch again. I’ve included blog post templates for you to make writing super simple & easy and you’ll see just how many ways you can use a single blog post to attract your ideal clients to you!

Making Progress Even When You’re Busy

Instead of throwing in the towel and feeling like you just can’t make progress toward your goals when you're busy with business or life, you can use some simple frameworks to get more done in a short amount of time than you ever thought possible. In this course, you’ll learn the crucial mindset shifts for when you feel too busy, planning for your actual capacity, how to use “The One Thing” framework, and “The Machete Method” for getting out of overwhelm.

Running Successful Promotions

Having a sale isn’t the only way to run a promotion! In this course, you’ll learn how to create and run successful promotions that go beyond offering a discount.

Planning Your Work

In this course, you’ll learn how to plan your work so that it’s easier for you to complete projects. You’ll learn how to break down projects into actionable tasks and how to create accountability for yourself so you get things done!

Outsourcing & Delegating For Wedding Business Owners

There will come a point where you need some help in your business and doing it all yourself isn’t cutting it any longer. In this course, you’ll learn how to delegate and outsource tasks to get your time back so you can focus on CEO activities and have time for yourself. You’ll learn how to identify what tasks to outsource and how to do it!

Expert Masterclasses

Each of these masterclasses is a deep dive into how to do something specific, many with guest experts. You’ll learn a proven system to generate more sales from your consultations, how to deal with self-doubt, how to price for profit, how to run a successful styled shoot, how to optimize your website for SEO, & how to create systems to streamline your business just to name a few.

Selling With Email Marketing

A step-by-step course where you’ll learn how to get people onto your email list and how to convert them into paying customers. You’ll also get done-for-you resources including a 7 email autoresponder series so you can just tweak it and use it in your business!.

Your Client & Vendor Referral System

In this course, you’ll learn how to get more referrals from clients and vendors alike. You’ll learn how to put this into place with a simple system that you can turn into a habit so that it never falls to the wayside.

How To Book More Weddings At Wedding Fairs

 An in-depth training on how to make the most of wedding fairs and book more weddings. You don’t go into your next wedding fair leaving things to chance. You’ll have a strategy for before, during, and after the fair.

Your Most Productive Week Ever

This 1-hour training will save you 5+ hours per week! I know you’re busy and that’s exactly why I created this training series. You can be less busy and yet more productive – I’ll show you how.

Wedding Business Profits

How to build multiple streams of income in your business so that you can start making more money without working more hours. Working one on one with clients is not the only way you can earn money in your wedding business. You have more options than you know.



Some of the trainings in this extensive library include:

quick wins that you can squeeze in while on-the-go

quick tools to look for when you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed

a private, supportive community, where success is not a race or a competition - but a joint cause for celebration

a group coaching experience with mastermind calls for accountability

tons of easy-to-navigate courses for mastering marketing, SEO, and some pretty cool tricks

the 6-Figure Wedding Business Roadmap (with guided trainings to walk you through each of the steps)

everything you need to build your wedding business – in one convenient place

So What’s Included In The Collective?

Let’s help you find a focused path that you can follow to 6-figures. Evolve your business. Change your life.


Access to private member’s only community Accountability Partner Program

Monthly Get-It-Done Day

Access to the growing course library (value $5000+)

Monthly Member Makeover – submit your site for a review!

Live Monthly Group Mastermind Call

Tools of the Trade Sessions (PLUS exclusive discounts!)

Quarterly Planning Sessions 

Access the 6 Figure Wedding Business Roadmap which guides you step-by-step through each step of growing a 6-figure wedding business– without working all the time!

Per month


For Less Than The Cost Of A Daily Iced Latte Habit...

Private Podcast Feed (listen to everything on the go!)

I’m not here to pressure you. I’m here to help you make the right decision for you. Use the button below to get in touch and ask me a question.

Still feeling unsure about joining The Wedding Business Collective?