A Wedding Industry Speaker That Delivers Practical & Actionable Education That Your Attendees Can Implement Right Away

As a wedding industry speaker and educator since 2012, Heidi Thompson has been invited to speak at the following wedding industry conferences and meetings.

“So much valuable insight. After Heidi’s session I was able to immediately identify some changes that I needed to make in my marketing, website, etc.”

You’re trying to find the right wedding industry speaker for your event, one that will make your attendees thank you as they leave. 

The venue is booked and now you’re working on putting together your speaker lineup.

With nearly a decade of experience, Heidi Thompson knows how to deliver an amazing presentation that your attendees can take action on immediately. After all, shouldn’t they be able to not only feel inspired but also get something practical out of this event that they can use to improve their businesses?

Heidi works with wedding professionals every day to help them grow their businesses without going crazy in the process. Her practical and straightforward style leaves her audience with a clear understanding of what they need to do next. When Heidi speaks at an event, her goal is to help the wedding professionals who attend make create real and significant changes in their business.

Let’s work together to make your event both inspiring and impactful.

Meet Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson is a wedding industry speaker, the best-selling author of Clone Your Best Clients, and the founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business where she specializes in business and marketing strategy for wedding professionals. She helps wedding professionals grow their businesses and reach their goals without going crazy in the process.

Her business & marketing expertise has been featured on several wedding and business outlets including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Wedding Business Magazine, Sprouting Photographer, Photo Biz Xposed, Honeybook, WeddingWire World & she’s an advisory board member for the UK Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning.

Growing a wedding business can be overwhelming, stressful and it can swallow your social life whole…BUT it doesn’t have to be that way and Heid is on a mission to help wedding professionals grow their businesses without killing themselves working 60+ hour weeks. Heidi has helped thousands of wedding professionals grow their businesses and book more weddings and she would love to do the same for your event attendees.

Heidi’s marketing and business experience comes from a wide range of industries including software, education, legal, health, and even fecal transplants. Heidi is certain that if she can successfully market poop, she can help your attendees market and grow their business!


Heidi is available to speak on a number of topics including (but not limited to):



Clone Your Best Clients


This talk is full of actionable things your event attendees can do right away to attract more of their ideal clients. I published a best-selling book on the topic called Clone Your Best Clients and it details my process that I take clients through so that they attract more of their best clients. In it, I get into actually talking to your best clients and interviewing them and my clients and readers have gotten a lot out of getting out of their own heads and talking to them.


Creating An Overwhelm-Smashing Marketing Plan


Most wedding pros just throw random things at the wall when they try to market but it’s actually a lot easier and more effective to create a plan. We can talk about what a marketing plan actually is and what it should contain, why it’s sooooo helpful for you, and will save you from overwhelm, how to use your marketing plan to avoid shiny object syndrome, and how you can create your own effective marketing plan.


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Becoming the CEO of Your Wedding Business


This topic is all about actionable things that your event attendees can do to take better control of their time and step into their role as CEO of their business. This topic covers productivity, time management, an intro to what functioning as a CEO really means and why you need to dedicate time to it, and an introduction to some more advanced topics like outsourcing to free up time for revenue-generating activities.

“I used the interview method that you taught us and I have 7 interviews set up with past and current brides and even a few strangers willing to help me narrow down my target market.

I thought of a new tag line for my brand and started gearing all my content towards it and I just got an inquiry for an AMAZING dream client yesterday! And I haven’t even fully started implementing everything I’ve learned.” 

Kimberly Fu Skubic
Envision Weddings

“Thank you SO much for coming out to Raleigh and engaging with our group of event professionals. We have heard nothing but amazing feedback thus far! I presented a few of the takeaways from your talk to my company and they LOVED it!” 

-Keri Gloth
The Special Event Company

“Heidi’s ideas and organization were invaluable to someone starting a business. She really helped me to remember to stick to my list of priorities and not let the wrong things steal my time.”

-Kristen Morse
Snowmass Club

Ready To Book Heidi As A Wedding Industry Speaker For Your Event?

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