Episode #12: Streamlining & Systematizing Your Business With Heather Crabtree

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Love this podcast, but the idea of streaming and systemizing my business seems like the stuff of fairy tales to me right now because I’m a team of one, and I’m drowning in work. Any suggestions on how to begin to systemize a business when you still have to keep up with the day-to operations as well?

    • Hey Gabrielle! I totally understand where you’re coming from but keep in mind this doesn’t have to happen all at once. It can be as simple as jotting down the steps you’re following as you write, schedule & promote a blog post or the steps you take when you get a new inquiry. Next time you do anything that takes place more than once in your business – document the steps. You can write it down or if it’s on your computer you can record your screen & talk over it with a tool like Jing. Then you can look for tools to take over some of those steps or a virtual assistant to take over the process entirely and you just have to hand over your list or steps or video. Putting systems in place will help you get away from drowning in work because things will run smoothly and you can automate many things. Does that help?

      • Gabrielle says:

        Heidi, thanks so much for the thorough reply! And yes, that is EXTREMELY helpful, and exactly what I was looking for. I think overwhelm happens when you try to look at everything at once, which is what I was doing. The idea of systemizing seemed so appealing to me, but it didn’t seem doable if it was something I had to do in addition to what I was already doing. What it seems like you’re saying is that it’s a matter of starting where I am and mapping as I go, and that by doing that I will eventually build a system. That seems manageable, and it also provides me with a huge sense of relief! Thanks so much for your help!

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