Episode 71: Getting To Page 1 Of Google Using Simple SEO With Raymond Hatfield

  1. Beth (Madame B) says:

    That’s a great tip about using videos and slideshows on your site! Of course it lends itself most readily to photographers – I’m going to have to think hard about how I can apply it to my accessories business…

    • I believe Raymond didn’t go back but started doing it going forward. It definitely could be helpful but it just depends if that’s something you want to do or if it’s a mountain of work. As for how to use Animoto videos in your business you should show the whole process as you’re working on it through to the client wearing it at their wedding if you can get them to send you a photo or get it from the photographer.

  2. Rubana Gaspar says:

    This is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT PODCAST!!!!!! Raynond has given some concrete, highly useful advise instead throughout the whole of this podcast.

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