Are You Putting All Of Your Eggs In One Basket?

  1. I would also add that affiliate programs might be lucrative. Say you don;t want to start your own online wedding photography eCourse. There are plenty of those courses out there that you could promote to your colleagues. šŸ™‚ I’d love to hear success stories from wedding pros who have diversified their income streams…

  2. Sara says:

    Interesting thoughts and ideas. However, it sounds like only freelancers charge for their time – this is the way most business look like. If I can’t physically work due to unforeseen circumstances, that’s when insurance kicks in. Although I will spend some time thinking about how to be able to make money on the side. Sometimes I get people who want to buy a photo for their websites or brochures (turns out that skyline shot was a good investment). Maybe I’ll look into that bit more… Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Well we all charge for our time if that is part of what we are selling. Photographers charge for the time it takes to shoot a wedding & edit it, planners charge for their time, etc. We sell it as part of a package but it really comes down to us putting in the time and doing the work and that’s not the only way to make money.

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