How You Can Find A Fab Assistant & Work With Them From Anywhere

  1. Jus Gorjus (aka Helga Stewart) says:

    Great article…and congrats on finding your fab assistant. Loved your take on Google Drive…aka the best thing ever…lol.. but seriously… that quote should be placed in an advertisement.

  2. Nancy says:

    Always, great uses of system tools! I learn every time I read your posts…I need to check out Jing.

  3. lynnwhite619 says:

    I use all the above systems and many more in my business. If you need to record a quick video of 5 minutes or less, Screenr is also another resource.

  4. Clarissa Edmondson-Bridges says:

    This was a great post very educational, I learned alot, and CONGRATS to you Heidi on your new Assistant! Looking forward to reading more posts of this nature in the near future~!

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