The Power Of Knowing What Is Enough In Your Wedding Business

  1. Daniel Waters says:

    Great post Heidi. For me freedom is the most important thing. I have a weird balance. I tend to work 7 days a week unless on holiday of course, but most days I don’t work very hard! I’ll wake up a bit late then do an hour or two of work. I then walk our dog for an hour in the countryside while I plan the rest of the day and listen to podcasts. Then it’s lunch. Then I’ll probably have a photography session in the afternoon and then do some retouching or album design, or in-person sales in the evening. If it’s a Saturday then I’ve probably got a wedding or a couple of portrait sessions. Sundays are basically a day off although I’ll do the work I enjoy too. So yeah, I try not to kill myself on any given day, but I try and consistently keep moving forward every day while keeping healthy (hmm, I’m drinking gin right now…) and avoiding feeling rushed or stressed. Even the most enjoyable job is horrible when it has time constraints.

    • I actually really like that way of working and even though it goes against the norm the 9-5 I think it’s a healthier balance. I’m not a big fan of rigid boundaries. I know damn well if I tell myself I CANNOT work after 5pm, I’m going to want to. It just doesn’t work for me so I’m better when I go with the flow of the day like you’ve laid out. Or I’ll do some work and then go do some personal stuff or go hang out with my husband, and then come back to work in the evening. The freedom to work when it works for me is a BIG priority for me too.

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