How To Use Facebook Ads The Right Way

  1. Faith Caton-Barber says:

    ‘proposing before introducing yourself’ Very well put Heidi, I’ll remember that one.

  2. Bianca - RSVP by B says:

    Thank you for the tips – I will definitely have to put these to use.

  3. Smashing The Glass says:

    Some great tips Heidi. You’ve certainly de-mystified the world of FB ads for me! Thanks 🙂

  4. Great points, the “it’s about them not you” one is the one that is applicable to every business, and sometimes it takes so long for most to learn it

  5. Lau Nancy says:


    Did you know that you can target individual pages with your Facebook ad? No I didn’t so I shall use your tip. Thanks, Heidi!

  6. larissaparks says:

    Had absolutely NO CLUE you can target individual pages with my personal Facebook Ad. Genius! Thanks Heidi for this biz changing tip, will put it to use for sure. Who knew?

  7. Events by L says:

    Awesome advice as always!

  8. Shumicps says:

    Sometimes I feel facebook is so much expensive for showing ads.

  9. Clarissa Edmondson-Bridges says:

    Great TIPS!

  10. Jannatul says:

    I think if the ads can be posted by following some issues, then it is a good option to advertise own business.

  11. Nikki Dodge Photography says:

    Thank you so much! I was struggling with my ads when pinpointing interests. I am a wedding photographer and was putting things like “photography, wedding portraits… etc”. Basically I was targeting other photographers and as much as I like to view other work and the competition it’s not what I wanted, which was potential clients.
    Now I understand what to enter because of this article. Thank you so much! I am sure this will definitely help targeting the audience I need!

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